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Shamanism and Much More

I own a 40" Lava Gong and a 26" Shaman Gong. They are powerful sound clearing tools.  Gongs have been used as medicine in various shaman traditions throughout the world. When I use them my attention and my sense of self evolves into a broad energetic space. I have various tools that manipulate the sound that these gongs make and the playful process becomes another benefit as I am exploring an instrument and my own creative energy.

I have also been reconnecting to many of the lessons that I was given in my early life as I explored countless forms of creative process in art school and in the transformation school that I came up in. I found profound medicine in creating images, symbols and intentional pieces of art. I knew that I was bringing energetic gifts to the viewer. From the very beginning, I knew I was definitely being a shamanic practitioner.

In my process, I explored many forms of shamanism that were created in all areas of the world and I studied the many ways that modern seekers would encounter these traditions. I was deeply impacted by the journey of Quantum Physicist Fred Allan Wolf who exposed himself to shamanic medicine in a powerful journey to various locations throughout the world. His book, “Eagles Quest” impacted me immensely. In the early 90’s I was able to find a video interview from him at the local library and I was totally enthralled with his ability to express a universal understanding of the many paths to healing and vitality.

Over many years as a healer and very active Reiki enthusiast I have found great value in making sure that the work I do comes from an intuitive heart space and so as I work with others on their energy fields, I am assessing my approach to each individual as I get insights from seeing and feeling the energy field and as I receive insights from a higher part of myself and the universe. Recently I have had the nudge from life circumstances and from supreme source to share my gifts from a universal approach to shamanic practice that honors the many traditions and seeks to serve the modern individual.

You are invited to upcoming Sound healing and Shamanic Healing events. You are invited to clear, heal, grow, play and find connection to the healing power that is available to individuals form all paths and all sincere seekers of greater understanding.