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Heal and Awaken the Spirit Within

                Individual and Group Sessions


Engage your mind, body and spirit in new and powerful ways at our resource center for spiritual and life transformation.  We offer personal sessions and group experiences of many types. For personal sessions we offer original and contemporary Reiki Healing,  Channeling Experiences, Intuitive Coaching, Aura Feedback and more. 

"You deserve to experience powerful healing, energy upgrades and exceptional shifts in the quality of your life.  Act now! Your best self and your best life are waiting."

- Jeremy Anacker -


Aura Insights with Jeremy

Jeremy Anacker is a life long enthusiast of spiritual awareness and healing in large part due the fact that he has always seen energy fields in and around all living things. Contact him now for your Aura Insights. Session with Reiki and Intuitive Coaching

In Person and Distance Healing

Reiki is a truly peaceful and powerful gift to give to yourself or another. While it is wonderful to receive the blessing in our sacred space you can also sign up for nonlocal healing session with Jeremy from any location. Ask for Aura Insights and Intuitive Coaching as well. It will be included in the arrangment. 

Reiki - A Touch Healing Method

Jeremy Anacker worked with Helen Borth, the first Reiki Master in Wisconsin for over 20 years. He has included his ability to see auras and his enthusiasm for transformation in all of his work. See this link for information our the Reiki Healing focus. 

Online and In Person Classes

We are fully equipped to provide support for your spiritual growthi in the way that works for you. Our conference camera creates a setting where we can offer a seemless experience for participants who are online and in person.

Intuitive Coach Certification

Earn your way to certified accnowledgement by taking specified classes and signing up for the  individual guidiance that will empower you to create and succed as an Intutive Mentor for others. Your true calling awaits.


Jeremy is a kind and patient teacher, and creates comfortable learning environments to empower his students. He treats everyone as peers and emphasizes the need to follow one’s own intuition. He is able to set ego aside and send loving energy to others who need it most. I have only met a few people who are able to do that to the same capacity. It speaks highly of his character. It has been a privilege to learn from him.”  

Mourning Dove - Madison, WI

Jeremy is a very funny, personable and impressionable man, and let's not forget the magic he holds with him! All of his classes are affordable, fun, and attract an amazing crowd. I'd highly recommend him for any spiritual growth experiences you're interested in partaking in."

Sonya Blade - Viroqua, Wisconsin

“I would like to recommend Affinity to individuals who are open to inviting growth and change at the present moment.  Jeremy and Amanda have worked with me for 1+ years and I can speak from my experience that J and A complement each other in providing a unique healing experience. As healers and coaches, J and A have provided me with tools to grow on many levels. Their hearts are in the right place.”  

Jennifer Follet - Istanbul, Turkey

"I have attended Jeremy's groups and have done individual sessions with Jeremy for a dozen years. I feel that the quality of the teaching that I have benefitted from is very high. I am after higher wisdom in this lifetime. Affinity is where I most find it. I have evolved as a spiritual being in human form. If this type of growth appeals to you, I highly recommend Jeremy Anacker and Affinity Transformations. I feel that Jeremy is humble, while on a noble path."

Brent West - Madison, Wisconsin

Both Jeremy and Amanda are brilliant healers, and there is a wonderful synergy when they work together. I find their healing room to be a safe place full of positive energy.”  

Kevin Grittner - Madison, Wisconsin

“This is a place I call home. I have met very good friends. I have learned so much. I have grown because of this beautiful community.  My entire life has shifted. This has been a very big part of my transformation. If you are wanting transformation, You can get it here. I am so changed and so thankful.”  

Kayla Storlid - Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

Individual Sessions 

Reiki Sessions: Jerermy's extensive transformation background with early pioneers in the Reiki Community and his Auric site are profound gifts that are included in a personal energy healing session. See link for online sessions - Book your appointment now

Cost: $100          


Aura Feedback: Jeremy Anacker has been able to see the human energy field all of his life. Come for a reading of your energy field alongside coaching on how to apply techniques to get you to the peaceful and powerful energetic space that you deserve to be in. Gong Blessing option is included

See link for online sessions Book your appointment now

Cost: $100               

Reiki Session with Rhammah Channeling: Take time out and rest on the healing table or in chair as Jeremy brings the Reiki blessing while in a channeled state. A recording of the personalized transmission and facilitation from the Rhammah Masters will be made available to you later by way of Dropbox or CD recording. See link for Rhammah Channeling  See link for online sessions Gong blessing option is included Book your appointment now

Cost: $100           

Gong Blessing: Receive a sound blessing and sound massage from a 40" Lava Gong and a 26" Shaman Gong as you rest on a Reiki table. The option for Aura Insights and Reiki Healing can also be included in this option. Book your appointment now

Cost: $100             

Related Information

A Self Awareness Eval is a great way to become aware of the thought patterns that are currently creating your life. Jeremy will show you how to transform in the feedback session. 

Your friend will be exposed to an amazing process of experiential transformation with dedicated coaching. You will benefit too!

Jeremy has been serving as a channel of wisdom and energy for a lifetime. Give yourself the gift of intuitive insights, healing and greater divine awareness.

Jeremy provides both online and in person classes designed to empower, renew, heal, transform and awaken. 

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