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Channeling as a Pathway

Channeling in Tibet

Channelers from Tibet are renowned for their incredibly accurate trances of Dharma Teachers from Tibetan History. It was the previous 6th Panglung Oracle who, in trance of Dorje Shugden, guided H.H. the Dalai lama to leave Tibet for Safety in exile in India.  

In 1949 The Dalai Lama needed guidance when Chinese soldiers were sent into Tibet to take it over. He chose to sit with a highly trained Trance Channeler from within the Tibetan traditions. He was told that it was time to leave his mountain home and he did so with no time to spare. He did so and thus he survived. As a result, The Dalai Lama has become a priceless treasure as his wisdom and presence has guided countless individuals for many years throughout the world. 

In Tibetan Buddhism there is a very strong pathway for the use of Trance Channeling and in modern times Trance Channeling has gone in many directions. There have been channelers such as Abraham Hicks who give guidance on manifesting abundance and others such as Ramtha or Mafu who offer abundance teachings while also sharing a pathway to enlightenment. In the Spiritualist Tradition we have Edgar Cayce, who was also known as The Sleeping Saint. This particular transmission style was focused on giving suggested prescriptions for various ailments. 

I have been doing Trance Channeling for over 30 years. My journey began as I was a trance channeling enthusiast who consumed many writings and audio material while also participating in a group that utilized a Trance Channeler as a path to healing, manifesting and spiritual enlightenment. I found myself more than intrigued as I discovered that I could access the Celestial Guides that were being channeled while I was both with our Trance Channeler and while I was on my doing self healing work or in meditation at my home. 

A psychic friend and hypnotist from our Channeling group knew that I was able to contact these light beings and he discovered that there were light beings who were offering opportunity present through me. I was very good at leaving my body and it also helped that I had a very elastic consciousness. It was later discovered that I had a sacred contract to fulfill with these light beings that was created before I came into this lifetime. 

I am very grateful to have been given many intuitive gifts, to include the ability to channel. I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity help so many individuals on their healing, awakening and intuition discovery journeys. I invite you to explore the channeling transmissions that I have been apart of for so many years. We have online writings, a published book and ongoing online and in person channeling experiences. 

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