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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

In Person and Online Healing

A Sacred In Person Space

When you arrive to our healing space you will be surrounded by healing vibrations as this room is dedicated to your healing and awakening process. Jeremy is also a life long visual artist so you will have the opportunity to view his artwork and illustrations on the walls. 

Energy and Coaching Online

Energy healing benefits occur at any distance. Jeremy also has an ability to see energy fields even if the participant is not in the room. Experience the truth about energy for your self. Contact Jeremy now for your online session. 

Frequently asked Questions

See link for frequently asked questions on Reiki, Aura Awareness and Transformation. Contact Jeremy with your own questions. Please also feel free to contact Jeremy to schedule a free 45 minute introductory lesson. These are usually placed on the second Sunday of the month at 5:45pm just before the reoccuring Reiki Sharing. 

Sessions Menu

Contact Jeremy now for your next healing session

Jeremy Anacker: His extensive transformation background with early pioneers in the Reiki Community and his Auric site are profound gifts that are included in a personal energy healing session. Pay in advance for 5 session package and recieve an aura drawing for free.

Cost: $100          


Aura Feedback: Jeremy Anacker has been able to see the human energy field all of his life. Come for a reading of your energy field alongside coaching on how to apply techniques to get you to the peaceful and powerful energetic space that you deserve to be in. 

Cost: $100               

Reiki Session with Rhammah Channeling: Take time out and rest on the healing table or in chair as Jeremy brings the Reiki blessing while in a channeled state. A recording of the personalized transmissione and facilitation from the Rhammah Masters will be made available to you later by way of Dropbox or CD recording. See link for Rhammah Channeling

Cost: $100