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ThetaHealing® with Amanda

About Amanda as a Healer and Scientist

Amanda is a medical research scientist, with many important published papers. She studies the genetics and development of the nervous system of the bowel in order to understand the processes that go wrong in disease. She is also a powerful psychic healer with natural healing abilities and a very deep and astute perception of human nature.

Her scientific work on the DNA level has had a very profound influence on her style of healing work, as her Acute Intuitive Perception works to the core of each cell. She is able to re-program the cellular memory to facilitate transformative healing changes.

This style of intuitive healing is revolutionary and at the forefront of our present understanding of the interconnection of mind and body.

Her down to earth nature and open heart bring life and light into everybody who has the fortune to meet her. She is a truly inspiring gift to the world.

"Amanda's guidance has been a significant part of my whole-being healing, intuition, and growth, so much so, I became certified in ThetaHealing for my own personal use. I recommend her all the time!"

- Mary Anne, Author of Complete Healing -

What is ThetaHealing®?

Theta Healing® is an energy healing technique that can transform all aspects of our lives: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. 

By accessing the Theta brain wave, the Theta Healing Practitioner can identify limiting negative beliefs that were established in this current lifetime and also inherited through our genetics. These limiting beliefs create subconscious programs that instruct our experiences in life, holding us back from living the life we truly want to live. 

Theta Healing transforms these programs within our DNA and establishes new ways to THINK and BE using downloads from the Creator of All That Is. 

Amanda is a talented Theta Healing practitioner and teacher. Healees are often compelled to learn the techniques so that they can help others. Amanda teachers a number of Theta Healing type classes.

Contact Amanda for information: barlowaj15@yahoo.com

ThetaHealing® Connections

Amanda is officially certified 

Amanda is an extremely competent individual with a lifelong passion for developing her mind and her ability to look into complex realities in both biological science and with the human process as it relates to emotions, beliefs and ones ultimate spiritual nature. 

It is extremely rare to know a person who has such openness, sophistication and ability to reach into both the scientific world and the world of intuitive healing. Amanda is very dedicated to both science and intuitive healing and anyone who experiences her work is truly blessed. ThetaHealing has been a perfect tool for her continued work with others. 

Link to more testimonials and information about Amanda's specialization. 


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