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Power Dangles

Diane Doughman is the creator and distributor of this amazing item of beauty and spiritual power. Diane, former owner of Mimosa, a metaphysical store and resource center in Madison, WI  is a person on a lifelong spiritual quest and a knowledgeable and gifted healer. She creates these strung formations of precious gems and charms of various styles and lengths. 

Order your dangle before December 18, if you would like your item delivered to your home by Christmas.

See below for product information with prices. 

Contact Diane for questions on the creation process by way of email at dmdoughman9@gmail.com

Contact jeremy to coordinate transaction with creator Diane Doughman by way of email at anackerjeremy@gmail.com. See payment options below. 

PayPal - Jeremy@reikihealingmadison.com

Venmo - Jeremy Anacker @Jeremy-Anacker